The men's padel uniform

Cueras strives to deliver performance and fashion padel apparel evenly balanced.  We work with a well coordinated color pallet where all colors compliment each other and there is no right or wrong, just good taste and essentials. When we designed the first collection we wanted to deliver uniforms for the padel community like we think it should look.

The first thought before packing your padel gear is, where do I play and what will the temperature be? If it's an outdoor match or just a chilly morning you should look into layers and use them as an advantage for your game and look. Layers are the easiest way to bring colors, textures and features into your outfit. The first layer is called second skin and Cuera has a program of label free tights and t-shirts. The compression program is made with flatlock so the stitching doesn't chafe your skin or cause any other discomfort, the perforated elastic waistband supports the tights with breathability whilst keeping the tights in place during your padel match. We recommend the tights are used as the first layer so you don't have to wear cotton boxers underneath and only have to wear padel shorts on top. The oncourt compression t-shirts with long sleeves have a compact fit that is complementary to the demands of an intense padel match and the fabric supports both shoulder and elbow. The most relevant features are the compression fabric, the 4-way stretch and its breathability.  

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Our products

Next step in your packaging process is the outer layer. Cuera have T-Shirts and Polo´s made in a regular fit to secure a comfortable feeling even when more layers are used. All outer layer styles have a number of features to guarantee a perfect feeling when playing padel. The most relevant features you will experience when wearing the items are the quick dry fabric,  the breathability and its 4-way-stretch. To spice up your uniform the combination of long sleeve t-shirts with t-shirts or polos un top, will create an invincible look.   

The key item for a padel match is the padel  shorts. It is a no brainer we need shorts with pockets where the access from both sides are comfortable and smooth. Cuera padel shorts are designed to match the layer tights and the combination of colors play perfectly together. The classic fit with side slit and adjustable waistband is complementary to the demands of an intense padel match. The recycled fabric is made in Portugal with Portuguese polyamide and elastane. The most relevant features are the lightweight fabric, the 4-way-stretch and its easy access pocket design. 

Accessories - Make a difference and style your outfit with great, useful and stylish accessories. Padel socks, caps and sweatband are the most interesting accessories to develop and style with. The socks can be mixed and matched - who says padel socks should be the same color for both feed, try to mix it up and bring some more color into your outfit. The oncourt tech cap can be very useful when the sun is shining, for controlling your hair or just for the look. The lightweight cap is seamless and stitch-free, the back side of the cap has a premium velcro closure for stepless size regulation so it  fits any head size. Inside the oncourt cap the Flexfit Delta® technology with a three layer sweatband for maximum comfort and functionality will support your game. 

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