Marc Andreas Møller Interview

by Ulrik Leth · januar 19, 2023

Who is Marc Møller? 

My name is Marc Andreas Møller, I am currently 32 years old. I have an education in physiotherapy, and as a padel- and tennis coach. I played tennis when I was younger, but unfortunately an injury caused me to finish my career. Instead I began focusing on coaching, with great focus within the technical and physical aspect of the game. I coached elite tennis for the last 5 1/2 years in Gentofte Tennisclub, after which I gained interest in padel. I established my firm “MoveYourGame” in 2021, which mainly offers personalized padel programs. 

I have lived with my girlfriend Marie for the last 8 years. She has a master in clinical nutrition, but is currently working at MoveYourGame as head of administration, where she is highly indispensable. 

What was your path to Padel? 

I began playing padel regularly 4 years ago, in the facilities of ProPadel. I had barely been introduced to the game, and only tried it af few times, when two friends wanted to team up. 

After a couple of months I slowly became more active in the padel universe, where I was introduced to several padel enthusiasts, who were longing to share their Know-how and many experiences within the game. Hereafter my role within the padel society accelerated, and I quickly joined the Danish national team, including the elite environment in Copenhagen, where I trained every day. 

How do you believe the Danish padel will evolve in the following 5 years? Can we potentially compete against the top 5 nations? 

Competing against the top 5 nations in the nearest future, is according to me an unrealistic goal. We are lacking structure regarding our best players, mainly caused by our training setups, which unfortunately is self-financed. My biggest visions include; building a structure beneficial for the elite players, and ensuring an evolving competency among the danish coaches, to advance all the danish padel players in our country. We are fortunately having an increase in the youth programs in Denmark, which luckily entails a brighter future for the danish padel society.

What is your signature outfit when playing padel? 

You will always see me wearing either a headband or a cap, to avoid getting sweat in my eyes. Oftenly this is accompanied by a messy hairstyle. Furthermore I take pleasure in putting my own unique impression on my outfits, mainly by mixing different colors and styles. 

What is your favorite outfit from Cuera? 

My absolute favorite outfit is the Oncourt Globe t-shirt in army, together with your Active Globes shorts in black. I often combine these with your army Layer tights and Premium Padel Sport socks in army as well. 

If you could choose, where would you prefer to play padel daily? 

I daily train at the Racket Club in Copenhagen. In addition to this, I plan annual trips to the Diagonal Padel Academy in Madrid, where I have the pleasure of being trained by some of the best coaches in Spain.

My absolute best and most important game was at EM in Marbella in the third and vital game against the Netherlands. We played against two very talented players, for a spot at the World Cup in Qatar. We played a very close first set, that we unfortunately lost 7/5. Emil Domela (My favorite partner) and I strongly fought back 6/2 6/2, while the whole national team was cheering from the sidelines. Allez! 

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