The Willads Rozanov interview

by Ulrik Leth

Cuera would like to welcome Willads into our World Padel Club or just WPC as we call it. This article's purpose is created as an introduction of our athletes to gather our community and share the love for our sport and profiles. 


Who is Willads?

My name is Willads Rozanov, I am 17 years old, and live in Copenhagen. I played my first padel match a year and a half ago, and I was instantly dedicated to the game. I started playing just with friends but I realized my ambitions were different. Therefore I began developing my competences by putting numerous hours into my training. 

Describe a normal week

A classic week would be 4-6 times padel including my personal trainer Sofus Enrum. I mainly play padel at one of Racket Club's centers as a part of the U18 youth academy. I combine the padel session with 3 times in the local fitness center. I also set up matches, work at the reception in Racket Club and voluntarily play along, when a tournament is held. 

Where are you in your career?

My effort has made me achieve many goals. I have played U 18 DM, won my first tournaments, developed a great network and lastly entered a collaboration with Cuera. I believe the potential is there but I do also accept I'm in the very early stages of a hopefully long career. 

Describe yourself as a sportsman

I'm a very competitive person and I always do my very best to win. Being able to work hard and feel it pays off short and long term is very satisfying this combined with tactical traning on the pitch and having a strong mentality is some key words when I describe myself. 

What are your ambitions with padel?

My ambitions with padel include I want to be an international padel player. The south european competitors are so far ahead from us but I believe my generation have the possibility to enter the biggest stage, World Padel Tour also called WPT. 

If I should name my two overall goals is would be representing Denmark at the Olympics and qualifies for the above mentioned World Padel Tour. 

Why did you choose Cuera as the brand you wanted to represent?

I endorsed Cuera for the first time on Instagram. It looked very exciting and a bit mysterious to be honest. They hadn't been launched yet and therefore there wasn't that much to explore but I was very fascinated. The extraordinary design, functinallity and recycled fabrics are some of the words I would use to decripe Cuera.

Some time passed and I was interested and curious. I loved pretty much everything about Cuera. Being able to combine sportswear with design and image seemed to me to be the coolest thing. That is why I contacted them and suggested cooperation. 

I had to come along on this exciting journey.

What is your favorite product from the Cuera Oncourt collection?

First we have the white Oncourt WPC t-shirt with orange text. I love that it is a basic look but at the same time special. The classic white color mixed with the touch of orange together with my grey shorts is just a 10 out of 10. Afterwards comes the black offcourt hoodie. The quality is amazing, heavy and oversized. It is soft and warm which just makes it great to wear. And in the end, I'll probably have to go with all the socks. They are very unique.

The text on the side and all the different colors just add a little extra to how you look on the pitch.


Name: Willads Rozanov

Age: 17 years old

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Active in padel: 18 months.



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