The name of padel

by Ulrik Leth

It is well known that Enrique Corcuera invented the sport in 1969 but the journey has been more unpredictable than you should know when we talk about the naming of the sport. Enrique didn't put a name to it, so it's actually his friend Manual who undertook to find the name. Manuel Arango was first of all friends with the Corcuera family but also the man building the second padel court in Acapulco he is also the author behind the very first rulebook of padel. At the very beginning Manuel chose the name “Rebotennis” because it was a small tennis court and the ball would bounce off the walls so it seemed logical with Rebound Tennis or just Rebotennis.

Then years later the discussion came with the Argentinians who called it “Paddle” with the famous double “d”. So the Spanish and Mexican padel communities agreed the sport needed one universal name to end any confusion about the sports origin and what is called. From there the word “PADEL" found its place.

Unfortunately many years later this confusion continues to exist because we still hear many people say “Padel- Tennis” but hopefully the sport will separate more and its logical Padel stand alone as one great sport.

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