Cuera® is a sports and apparel brand with roots in the emerging padel community. Offering contemporary clothing and accessories for on and off the court, Cuera strives to bring a modern ethos to the sport and lifestyle surrounding padel. By striking the balance between durability and aesthetics with inspiration from the sport’s athleisure culture, Cuera’s collections take both high levels of comfort as well as performance into consideration.

Established by fashion-savvy profiles, Tabitha Villum Guldbrandt Enevoldsen and Ulrik Leth, the team brings a multitude of experience from the fashion and textile industry.

Named after the founder of padel, Enrique Corcuera, Ulrik and Tabitha's ambition is to achieve two things - to highlight the heritage of padel since its inception in 1969, and likewise, to offer a thoughtfully designed uniform akin to tennis, golf, and other sports.

All products are manufactured in Europe with the leading suppliers in sports textiles to ensure the best quality for padel players and the smallest possible carbon footprint, a focus that Cuera prioritizes throughout the collection.