At Cuera, we understand the clash between our responsibility towards the environment and our mission to create contemporary padel apparel for on and off the court, to inspire and motivate the emerging padel community.

We also recognize our role in creating premium quality that lasts together with our  responsibility to promote padel apparel more sustainable.

We work with the mindset, to become an industry leader in our segment, in terms of sustainable production, transportation and handling.

There is a long exciting journey ahead of us but our responsibility covers the entire value chain: from the everyday operations of our business and the sourcing of the raw materials to the manufacturing of our products and their life-cycle. This means we must take responsibility for all our decisions: from the fabrics we choose, the partners we work with and all the way through to the daily life at our office.

At this point 97% of all cuera products are produced with either recycled, organic or partially sustainable materials. We produce 55% of all styles in Portugal, where 100% of our styles are recycled or partially recycled. We focus on European production to minimize the co2 emission and produce as local as possible. Our aim is 100%  European within 2 years.

To read more about our fabrics and certifications please visit our Certification page.

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