The legacy

Padel is originally a game from Acapulco in Mexico. It was invented in 1969 by Enrique Corcuera in his garden, where he did not have the space to build a decent sized tennis court. Enrique decided to solve the problem by building walls around the small court area and replacing his classic tennis rackets with wooden beach rackets. The changes he made removed power and increased the length of the duels. Enrique´s purpose with this new game was to have fun with family and friends, he had no idea of ​​the impact this game and later professional sport would have for millions of people more than 50 years later.

Legend says in December every year prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, a member of the family of Corcuera, used to visit Enrique where he loved to play. He fell in love with this sport and when he went to the famous Marbella Club in Spain, he had the first two padel courts built, this was 1974. Prins Alfonso included a few modifications from Enrique's original designs to make it more competitive, this is the first of many adjustments Padel will have in the following 20 years. In the meantime in 1975, Julio Menditeguy, an Argentinian member of Alfonso's Tennis club in Marbella felt the same passion and decided to import the sport to Argentina.

In 2005 Padel was well-established in Spain with more than 1000 Clubs. Moving into 2010 Padel is constantly growing and blossoming all over the world and it is now considered the fastest growing sport around the world.

When the most powerful Padel Associations decided to establish an International Championship played fully in Spain the beginning of the Padel Pro Tour began. World Padel Series was founded in 2013 as the most important, prestigious and professional Padel Championship worldwide in replacement of Padel Pro Tour gathering the Padel elite around the world, the equivalent of ATP & WTA for Tennis.

This new Championship since 2014 has included Tournaments outside Spanish geography and traveled to Andorra, Argentina, Monaco, Portugal, United States, Sweden, Denmark and United Arab Emirates. World Padel Series is currently holding the international ranking of best male and female players. It consists of 15-20 tournaments per year plus a final Master Series by end of every season.